Rough Draft- Intense Migraines–what-to-expect.html

My entire body aches. I can feel it coming on in my chest and in my head. I hold back the tears as much as I can I know after this I won’t remember anything for about three days. My body goes numb its paralyzed, but only on my left side. The world goes dark. The pain is unbearable for the first two minutes then its all blank. I gasp for air but it is gone, I begin to choke on my tongue and my entire body trembles with fear and anxiety. This is an intense migraine. When I have migraines, I have seizures, I throw up blood for days and i lose all memory and feeling in my body just like someone would if they were having a stroke. This is a very rare type of migraine but it is also not uncommon for someone my age to experience them. An ophthalmoplegic migraine is the correct term for the type of intense migraine I suffer from. I tell everyone I suffer from epilepsy just so it is easier to go have to explain all of this. They ask what kind of seizures I have and I just say the bad ones. That is not a true question I can answer because I do not have seizures I have migraines that cause seizures pretty much every time but thats just another side affect. There are eight different types of intense migraines, mine is optical and neurological. But as a kid I suffered from status migraines which is a migraine basically on repeat and it doesn’t go away. It stays for about 6 days at a time then the headache is back before I have time to think. This causes a great deal of depression as a child because it literally feels like someone is stabbing you in the brain 24/7 when you should be out with friends not in a hospital bed with an i.v in your arm.

Fatigue, grumpy, tired, never wanting food anymore, this is all side effects of taking topamax. I still have not figured out if taking it has less side affects or if not taking it does. People do not understand when I don’t remember anything or I am shaky because I have not eaten anything. Well thats because it makes me sick I will force feed myself and I can not do it sometimes especially when I have to work because I would be in the bathroom all night long puking. Lately I have been puking up blood and this isn’t the first time this has happened but it won’t stop now. When Im off the medicine I am a normal person I am so much happier and i stuff my face with food and just love everything and when I go back on it because I feel the migraines and seizures coming on i get depressed and cling to anything that makes me feel happy and try not to feel like shit all day. There is no even balance and I have literally tried everything!


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